My Husband Did The Laundry And It Made Me Cringe

My Husband Did The Laundry and it Made Me Cringe

Giving Up Control with Household Chores, aka My Husband Did the Laundry and it Made Me Cringe

It was just another Sunday. A Sunday full of meal prepping, cleaning, organizing, and laundry. My husband and I decided to divide and concur. We put on a movie for the kids and decided to go to town for an hour. I was going to do the meal prep and he was going to do the laundry. My husband did the laundry and it made me cringe. Big time.

Divide and Concur

I know, I know. I should be “lucky” to have such a hands-on husband. –Which is another blog post for another time because I don’t know why that is considered “lucky”. My husband and I are a team, therefor he is equally responsible for the kids and house chores. Anyways, yes I am thankful he is doing the laundry. One thing less I have to do. One thing less that I have to worry about. The issue here is….I am a major control freak. Shocking I know, but I am. 😉 Not to mention, laundry is my thing. I always do the laundry. I’m really good at it. However, where does that get me in life? Nowhere. No one cares if you’re good at laundry. I have a method. The same method I use for the million loads of laundry I complete from start to finish each week.

My Laundry Method

  1. Lay out a clean sheet over our bed, since our dog lays on our bed and I want to keep the clean clothes as clean as possible.
  2. Separate all the clean clothes into categories-kids clothes, adult clothes, towels
  3. Begin folding and laying out what needs to go on a hanger
  4. Put everything away, in the proper place.
  5. Throw small party for being such an awesome, efficient laundry queen.

My Husband’s Laundry Method

I don’t know, I couldn’t look. While I suggested putting the clean sheet down,  I suspect all the clean clothes got dumped on the un-vacuumed carpet.

A New Record

He finished the laundry in record time. I quietly inspect (without him seeing of course, because I am not a fool and I do want him to continue doing chores). A few of my sleep shirts and a sweatshirt were on hangers. Silly husband, obviously they don’t go there. But all in all, it was done, everything was put away, there was no evidence of dog hair on all the clean clothes, and it was one less thing for me to think about.

5 Years of Marriage

Something I have learned in my short 5 years of marriage, I am not perfect, nor is the way I do things. I am definitely the more organized one of the house, however my husband is the less-stressed, more cool, calm collected one. Something I envy. Maybe I don’t need to stress over laundry? Maybe I don’t need to stress about meal prep, daycare prep, preschool prep, day prep, life prep, the list goes on and on… Is that a thing though? Do people really not stress about these things? If you are one of those people, teach me your ways. Until then I am going to continue to have my husband do the laundry while I cringe. If you see me with dog hair filled clothes, you know why.





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