How To Support Your Favorite Blogger

7 Ways you can Support your Favorite Blogger

Chances are, someone you know has a blog, MLM, or some type of side hustle that they are working their butts off on!

If you are not involved with one yourself, you may have no idea how you can easily support friends and family in their endeavors.

Here are 7 ways you can support your favorite bloggers, influences, MLM’s, etc… easily and for FREE!!!

  1. Follow them on their platforms that you use. Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Community Group, Pinterest, etc…
  2. Like their posts! If it is something you love, like it, comment, share! This type of activity helps their content to be seen, which the changing algorithms love.
  3. SHARE!! See something you like? Think someone can relate? SHARE! Send it to people you know would be interested. Share on your social media platforms.
  4. Comment! Comment on their blog post, Facebook post, Instagram post, etc…
  5. Click their links! Many bloggers using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means the blogger will get a small percentage if you use their link. You don’t even have to purchase the product they are recommending. For example; if a blogger shares an awesome Espresso Machine from amazon, you click the link to check it out, and then decide you don’t need that but you need socks, the blogger will get a small percentage of those socks! This costs you absolutely nothing, but helps your blogger friend out so much!
  6. Show your support. Blogging is freaking hard and takes a lot of time. Show your support by asking how the blog is going. Ask how you specifically can help, if you are interested!
  7. Be genuine. If there is content you don’t like, that is okay! We totally get it. Bloggers typically niche down to a very specific audience, which may not be you!


7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Blogger

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