5 Ways to Handle Weight Gain

5 Ways to Handle Weight Gain

5 ways to handle weight gain

A little background; my weight has fluctuated my entire life, with every diet I have attempted, completed, or quit. I have always been an emotional/stress eater and tend to have an all or nothing dieters mentality which has never been good for my waistline. From around age 4 until age 14 or so, I was overweight. I would use food to deal with stressful situations, and I was very inactive. My highest weight tipped at 160lb, which is a lot for my 5’3 frame, especially at the age of 12. Once I entered high school, I began losing weight in an unhealthy way. I would save my lunch money for clothes, and skip too many meals. Those skipped meals turned into drinking Slim Fast and following the South Beach Diet. Between these eating habits and becoming more active, the weight quickly came off; but I gained a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits and thoughts.
Over the years I have worked extremely hard to gain a better relationship with food and exercise, but I still struggle with my weight fluctuating as stress arises in my life. My current season of life includes limited activity and a lot of junk food, which has made me feel worse. Instead of beating myself up over it, I am slowly starting to make positive changes in hopes they will stick. I know I feel good (both physically and mentality) at a certain size with a certain diet. My body feels good when I drink a lot of water, lean towards a lower carb diet, and when I am active daily.
Around the time I turned 30, I realized I cannot handle all the things, and felt myself start to break down emotionally and physically. I don’t know if it was the age, or being a mom to two little kids, but I was hurting. I am slowly picking the pieces back together and getting my health in check, which doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight, but rather feeling good and being healthy both emotionally and physically.
I know gaining weight can be tough for many, so I wanted to share 5 ways to handle weight gain.
1. Forgiveness. Yes, I’ve gained about 10-15lb. BUT, I was not healthy when I was 10-15lb lighter. At that time my stress was making me sick to my stomach and I just wasn’t eating much. Then there was a shift where I wanted to eat all the comforting things, which temmpraorly makes me feel better (I feel like I have a hangover/morning sickness all the time).
2. PLAN. You probably know by now, I love a good plan. My plan includes following the 131 Method, waking up at 6am every day, and moving more. Its honestly pretty basic stuff, but I have broken down the steps so much, it now feels possible.
Which leads me to…
3. Break it down. A huge goal of losing 15lb can be intimidating. Breaking it down to 1lb every week is doable. Here is an example of how to break it down:
Goal: Lose 15lb
-Lose 1lb per week
-Cut out all processed foods
-Cut out added sugar
-Be active 5 days a week
-Drink a ___ ounces of water a day
-Meditate for 1 minute a day
4.  Just do it. Honestly, my biggest life issue. Overthinking EVERYTHING. I am really putting myself out of my comfort zone and will be doing instead of thinking.
5. Gratitude. There is really so much to be grateful for! I am so thankful for everything I have. I want to live in the moment more, feel good, be a good role model l for my kids. Focusing on what I am grateful for (daily) will push me to just do it.
What are some healthy ways you handle weight gain?



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