Friday Favorites: Women to Follow Now!

Hey everyone! I have a quick Friday Favorites: Women to Follow Now for you today! I am currently on a plane headed to Seattle with my hubby! We thought it would be a great idea to go to the PNW in February…. ha! We’re use to California winters, so when I checked ahead for the weather I had to do some begging for a cute winter jacket so I didn’t have to wear my snowboarding jacket all weekend! I posted in my local mom group and sure enough a very sweet mom let me borrow two super cute (and warm) jackets! Between Friday-Monday we will have traveled to Seattle, Portland, and Bend. I’m sooo excited for this little getaway!

Anywho…for Friday Favorites today I wanted to share a few women to follow now! All of the women listed below have made a positive impact in my life, whether it be for blogging, personal development, or health, they’ve all made a difference! Enjoy!!

Sara Dean, The Shameless Mom Academy

If you haven’t already, go checkout Sara’s podcast NOW! Someone recommended her podcast in a fb mom group and I have been hooked ever since. Sara encourages moms to be shameless and take time for yourself without guilt. She gives super practical tips on how to get shit done! Aside from her podcast she also offers a mastermind group where she works with a group of women to better themselves. I am currently going through the 6 week program and it has already done so much for me!

Brittany Dixon, A Healthy Slice of Life

Brittany’s blog is one I have followed since the beginning. She has two adorable girls and this year has begun her homeschool journey. She posts all about parenting, healthy recipes, and day to day happenings. I particularly like following her on IG stories where I find her extremely relatable. She has been a major influence on the way I am building my blog and what type of brand I am striving for.

Juli Bauer, PaleOMG

Juli is hilarious. Her Insta-stories and podcast always crack up me up, but also provide such great content! She has amazing recipes on her blog and a few cookbooks (my favorite recipe is her steak stip hash). Lately she has been sharing her workouts in her Instagram feed, and they look awesome! Check her out!

Cassy Joy Garcia, Fed and Fit

Cassy is so happy and her positivity is contagious. She just had a beautiful baby girl and has the sweetest dog Gus. This is a newer blog/instagram follow for me and I am so glad I found her. She has great recipes, safer skincare tips, and advice to stay positive and live a happier healthy life. In addition to her blog and Instagram she also podcasts regularly where she includes “reverse interviews” where listeners ask her the questions, it’s great!

Chrissa Benson, Physical Kitchness

I found Chrissa on Pinterest when I was considering doing a Whole30. While I never did the Whole30, I found her shopping lists super helpful and fell in love with her IG Stories. She is a mom of two cute little boys and her husband is currently deployed so she’s living the single mom life while working full time on her blog. She is a huge inspiration and is hilarious! About a year ago Chrissa posted how she made her blog into a full time job which finally got me to start this blog!

And there you have it! Check these powerful women out and let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Question for you!

Who inspires you?

What blogs/instagrams/podcasts are you loving?


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