Meet Cassie!


Cassie Findley

I am so happy you are here! I’m Cassie, the mom behind I am 32 years old living with my husband, two kids (3 & 5), and dog Lola in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Morgan Hill to be exact).

What I’m All About

I help moms become more efficient to allow time for their new business, side hustle, and/or hobby with simple tips and easy to follow guides.

Why I’m Doing What I’m Doing

When I decided to start my blog, I had a difficult time finding information that was concise and to the point. Everything had so much fluff, and in my opinion unnecessary information. The same thing was found to be true when I was looking for templates to create a time blocking schedule, information on time management, and efficient ways to organize.

Planning is something I love to do, so I figured I should create the systems and tools I need to move forward with my blog, which quickly became a business concept.

My Organization and Time Management Philosophy

I love a tidy, organized home. I have found keeping things clean allows me to have more time, less mess, and less anxiety. As a mom of two, I know how difficult this can be! This is why I have created systems that actually work to keep things organized while giving you more time in your day for what you really want to focus on!

My systems are easy to follow, affordable, and quick. As busy moms, we don’t have time to bs…we need to get this sh*t done! Am I right?

Who really wants to spend a fortune on organization systems while you have a growing family? As the kids get older and your needs change, so will your systems. This is why I am here to give you easy solutions that can evolve with your ever-changing lifestyle.

The Basics About Me

I have my B.S. in Recreation and Leisure Management, and a M.A. in Special Education. Shortly after graduating I became a Recreation Coordinator and had that job for about 6 years. I quit in December 2018 to stay at home with my kids and focus on my business. It was the best decision I have ever made!

I have been married to my wonderful, supportive husband Patrick for over 6 years.

Cassie Findley

I have two kids, Olivia (5) and Nolan (3). They are my “why” and the inspiration for my business. Becoming a mom is challenging and I found myself feeling overwhelmed and anxious every single day. Creating and following systems to keep it all together has really improved my mental space and mothering/wifing abilities. =)

Cassie Findley Mom Organization Time Management

Random Fun Stuff

  • When I was elementary school aged I begged my parents to let me cut my hair like T-Boz from TLC. Thank the lord they did not let me!!
  • I absolutely love junk food and McDonald’s Diet Coke. I try to limit these things to 1-2 times a week. Refried beans, rice, and cheese burritos are my current favorite food!
  • We actually planned to get pregnant with my daughter a few months after getting married and planned to have our kids close together (20 months apart). While the first 2 years were challenging; I wouldn’t change any of it!! I AM GOING TO HAVE THE SAME DROP OFF AND PICK UP FOR 6 YEARS OF SCHOOL PEOPLE!!!
  • My sister Erin is my bestest friend and the person I go to for EVERYTHING. We are actually half-sisters and she lived in Arizona from when I was the age of 4 up until I was 24. Then she moved back to California. We have always been extremely close, even with the distance. Our dream is to build a compound on the same piece of land and live together.

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